Ile de la Cité: the ideal place for your photos in Paris!

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Would you like to take your best photos to add to your Instagram account? Or simply to keep a memorable souvenir of your stay in Paris? L’Hôtel Britannique has some great ideas for great spots, just a few steps away from the hotel!

 If you don’t have the courage or even the time to visit all the unusual places in Paris, you can simply go to the Ile de la Cité and take a leisurely stroll. This 22-hectare area offers you its most beautiful landscapes and sumptuous monuments.


« Paris was not built in a day » – Proverb 

La Conciergerie à Paris

          The Conciergerie – Île de la Cité

On the Ile de la Cité, you can capture the famous Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral with your camera.

The monument was the backdrop for Victor Hugo’s famous novel Notre Dame de Paris (1831). It was also the set of the iconic Disney film The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996).

Then, you will have the opportunity to admire the gothic style of the Conciergerie (10th century) with its high towers, followed by the Sainte-Chapelle built on the same architectural model, which houses relics from Christianity.


« A flower is an entirely poetic being » -Novalis


Square du Vert Galant sur l'Île de la Cité

    Square du Vert Galant – Île de la Cité

If you want to go for a walk, alone or as a couple, we suggest you go through the Square du Vert-Galant. Located on the tip of the Ile de la Cité, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful corner, in the shade of a chestnut tree or a maple tree.

However, if you are looking for more of a lush greenery with flowers and plants, we have the place for you: The Queen Elizabeth II Flower Market. Immersed in a sweet and delicate scent of flowers, you will have the opportunity to discover many varieties of exotic plants. Exotic plants or plants grown in the Paris region itself! Flowers and plants are also very beautiful decorative elements. They will sublimate your landscape photographs or your portrait backgrounds!


« In front of us the Seine flowed, undulating, strewn with islands» -Guy de Maupassant


Finally, what could be better than an unobstructed view of the Seine for successful photography?

Pont à Paris avec un coucher de soleil

  Bridge in Paris with a sunset


The answer is simple and double at the same time: take pictures of bridges or take pictures from bridges! Loaded with history and singular, Parisian bridges will be your best allies. Named after a tax required to cross the bridge as early as the 16th century (Pont au Double), or after the economic context of Paris, a city of commerce where money changers operated (Pont au Change), they will offer added value to your images. To sum up : a bridge, sunshine and a controlled framing will be the keys to the success of your photographs!



Nota Bene :

The current health crisis does not allow you to enter the monuments mentoned in the article for the moment. However, you can discover the history of the Conciergerie and the Sainte-Chapelle on their website !