Staying at the Hotel Britannique with kids


Taking a tour or vacation with children can at times be cumbersome when the destination has places of interest that are more adult themed. Paris is especially regarded as the city of romance with its rich artistic history, but lately, there are many fun activities for toddlers to engage in, which are in close proximity to Hotel Britannique.

Activities To Do With Kids

A common feature of this marvelous city is the fact that students in France do not have classes on Wednesdays, and hence sites such as museums are always packed. There are, however, alternatives of exciting places where you can take your children and have a fun time altogether. Even better is that they are in close proximity to Hotel Britannique which makes it less tiresome if it were a long distance. The Eiffel tower is the more popular, and children over the age of 6 can make the 600+ steps all the way to the top and enjoy the spectacular view of the entire city. If you have children below the stipulated age, you can make your way to the first level of this glorious tower and enjoy a fabulous time at the cafe which serves some spectacular delicacies which are synonymous with the French culture, such as croissants and tartare. It is always advisable to buy tickets online from a dedicated website, prior to visiting the Eiffel for purposes of convenience.

Playgrounds and Jardins

It is obvious that toddlers often have a difficult time staying put particularly in foreign destinations mainly because of their inquisitive nature. They always look for fun locations to play and engage each other. It is why there are numerous playgrounds littered all around the French capital. The most common one is Jardin du Luxembourg where you pay to have your child admitted into the spacious compound where he/she can run around with other children and burn some calories while quelling their thirst for a much needed adrenaline rush on swings, boat rides, and even an occasional game of hide and seek with the new found friends. What makes it worthwhile is that there are a few restaurants and cafes in close proximity where the children can enjoy a beverage or some ice-cream.

The Cite des Science

It might sound like an academic trip but don't let the 'Science' word fool you. It is a perfectly likeable destination from a child's perspective owing that it is subdivided into 2 portions; Cite des Enfants for children ranging 2 to 7 and the second one for those between 5 to 12. The main theme here is fun indoor activities which makes it somewhat as popular as the Eiffel because even the weather does not taint the ambiance that is associated with this place. There is even the L'aquarium located in the basement where you can stare at fish as they go about their daily lives in one giant aquarium.

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