Covered passages Paris


Most of covered passages were constructed in the 19th century; these excellently built arcades are covered with glass roofs and are a typical feature of Parisian architecture. Most covered passages in Paris presently house restaurants, tearooms and shops. There are around 20 covered passages and they are located around the Grands Boulevards vicinity.


The Passage des Panoramas

The oldest covered passage is known as the Passage des Panoramas it was constructed in the year 1799. It is home to the world famous theatre des varietes which came into operation in the year 1807 and still continues to be a source of entrainment to date. Each one of the twenty arcades has its own unique character Passage Brady which is famously known as Little India contains quite a number of shops that deal in Indian, Mauritanian and Pakistani merchandise. The Passage Verdeau is home to many shops that deal with antiques.


The Passage du Caire

Passage du Caire is the narrowest and longest in Paris. There are many wholesalers who mainly deal in manufacturing and sale of clothing items. A visitor living in hotel Britannique can easily access all these passages without much hassle. The Hotel is located at a strategic spot in the city of Paris which makes it easy for guests to visit and travel around easily. There is a public transport station nearby which affords guests a cheap and reliable mode of transportation around the city round the clock. Hotel Britannique is also keen on ensuring that the security of its guests is well taken care of at all times. This being the case the Hotel has endeavored to ensure that both the hotel and its environs are under tight security at all times all year round.


Why should you choose Hotel Britannique ?

From the hotel one can be able to visit different places around the city such as the Louvre. The Louvre is the world’s largest museum of art. This is just one of the many places a guest of the hotel can visit while residing in Paris for the period of his\her visit. Other places that a guest can easily access are the Eiffel tower which is synonymous with the city of Paris, Notre Dame de Paris which is a rich source of history for those who enjoy history as well as architectural designs.

The Hotel is famous for the quality of services it offers its guest at very competitive prices compared to other hotels of its caliber. The rooms are well kept, clean and secure. The hotel offers its guests a wide range of services that include; Airport shuttle, room services round the clock, laundry services etc. This classic hotel built on a 19th century property is warmly decorated with different pieces of art from different artists and designers. The staff is very friendly and is always willing to help or answer questions in case one has a concern that needs to be addressed.

There are numerous things and activities a guest can engage in while staying at the hotel. One can also visit the restaurants that are found within the hotel’s locality. These restaurants offer different types of food from different cultures. Those who enjoy sampling foods from other cultures will be spoilt for choice. Hotel Britannique is dedicated in offering its guests state of the art services without them breaking their banks.

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