Chantecler Tango In Paris : a show not to be missed!

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Chantecler Tango in Paris brings the iconic dance back to the city where it began its conquest of European musical culture a century ago. Running from October 9th to November 3rd in the exquisite surroundings of the Theatre du Chatelet, less than five minutes walk from the Hotel Britannique , this is a dazzling show not to be missed. Chantecler Tango is dedicated to the Cabaret Chantecler, the legendary Buenos Aires tango venue which opened from 1924 to 1960, and which showcased Juan D'Arienzo's legendary orchestra. This dance spectacular involves seduction, crime, passion, suspense and betrayal. What more could you want?   [caption id="attachment_3161" align="aligncenter" width="680"]Chantecler Tango - Mora Godoy Cy - Photographer Estrella Herrera - Gobierno de la ciudad de Buenos Aires - flickr- CC BY2.0 Mundial Tango - Mora Godoy Cy - Photographer Estrella Herrera - Gobierno de la ciudad de Buenos Aires - flickr- CC BY2.0[/caption]  

Chantecler Tango in Paris a feast of superb dancing

The musical show Chantecler Tango is presented by the dance company of Mora Godoy, the supreme exponent of contemporary Argentinian tango, and based on a story by Godoy and Stephen Rayne. Chantecler Tango tells its gripping tale via the character of the ageing doorman, Angel, whose reflections on past glories and the golden years of the venue transports the audience back in time. The wife of the owner of the club is a seductive femme fatale played by the spectacularly talented Mora Godoy. The show covers all aspects and styles of this intensely dramatic form of dance.

The tango has its origins in European and African influences which came together during the 1890s in the lands of the Rio de la Plata, the estuary which forms a border between Argentina and Uruguay. This cultural melting pot spawned many forms of dance but Creole tango, the earliest form, was the one which spread an enchantment around the world. Dancers and orchestras from Argentina took the tango to Paris in the early 1920s and there its popularity exploded, reaching a peak in the 1930s and '40s. Chantecler.

Tango shows exactly why the form enthralled so many

What better place is there to return to from such a dramatic and romantic performance than the intimate and charming Hotel Britannique ? Now allow us to give you an enticing preview of Chantecler Tango in the previous video.

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